Thursday, February 18, 2016

Zero Gravity Canopy Shade Lounge Chair by BestChoiceProducts

Since I live in Louisiana, I am always outside! Especially in the summer! With this amazing lounge chair, I am in the back yard more than ever!!! This is honestly perfect for me, we recently got a trampoline so my son always wants to be on it. He is still young, so he cannot be outside by himself. I can relax, tan, or just lounge while I watch him jump for hours! 

I am so excited and impressed with this lounge chair! It is honestly one of the best outdoor things I could of gotten. Not only do I love the color, but it goes with our other outdoor furniture perfectly! This lounge chair is made very well, super durable, and stunning quality! Plus this lounge chair is designed amazingly, from comfortableness to the amazing shade feature. 

This chair is very light weight, which is perfect since I will be moving it or folding it up myself most of the time. I also love that this comes with a detachable cup holder that can hold up to two beverages, your phone, and even more! I was super excited with this chair. The chair contains a heavy duty frame that will support ones weight as one relaxes on the chair. The chair is capable of leaning backwards and contains locks underneath the arms rest that will lock the chair in any resting position desired. On top of the chair, there is a fold able canopy that provides shade. As the sun moves, the shade can be adjusted to one's preference. To contribute to the relaxing atmosphere, the chair comes with a pillow that one can rest their head on.

Another plus about this chair is that it is made with mesh fabric! Like I mentioned, I live in Louisiana, so it gets HOT. During the summer, its horrible when you are trying to tan but your sweating from your chair so badly. With the amazing design and mesh fabric that does NOT happen with this chair! 

I am now ready for summer, ready to tan and relax comfortably! 

Overall dimensions: 34" x 27" x 49", Folded dimensions: 27" x 7.5" x 37.5", Weight: 20.5 lbs

  • New tan zero gravity chair made out of quality materials to create a soothing and relaxing experience
  • Chair is capable of leaning back while supporting one's weight and contains locks to hold the chair in its position
  • Includes an adjustable shade on top whose position can be modified to one's preference
  • Set includes a comfortable pillow and a detachable cup holder that can support 2 beverages, a phone, and more
  • Chair can be folded to a slim position which can easily be carried and stored away

I received this product for free or discounted in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.


  1. I would love to have one of these chairs. I have arthritis and a lot of pressure points. This would help so much. I have seen these on QVC.

  2. I would love to have one of these chairs. I have arthritis and a lot of pressure points. This would help so much. I have seen these on QVC.

  3. We bought this chair recently and love it. It is so comfortable! It really is perfect to sit on your patio and just enjoy the summer.