Tuesday, January 19, 2016

NutriSystem Week TWO

Why NutriSystem?

I have tried a few other diets, but none have worked. I gave up on other diets after a week of not noticing any lost weight. With NutriSystem I lost 4 pounds in just FIVE days. I could not of been more encouraged! 

It has been struggling to stay on the diet, and I will not lie I did venture off once or twice. I feel much more energized since eating healthy. The hardest part for me was giving up coke and drinking only water! Although I have done it, it has been very hard! 

I have been surprised so far that the food has been pretty great so far! 

I can't wait to continue this journey and reach my end goal of losing 15 pounds! 

I will be weighing my self every week and included in my post, as of 1/19/2016 I am weighing 127 pounds. 

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If you are interested in starting NurtiSystem as well, see below:

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