Wednesday, December 2, 2015

SymbolLife Brush Hair Straightener Review

Like everyone else, I went CRAZY when these things came out!! I can straighten my hair by brushing it?? No way! I did NO believe that for one minute. I HAD to try this! My hair is normally wavy, so I straighten it almost everyday! Upon opening this, I noticed the brush was heavier and larger than a normal brush, but being its not a normal brush I expected that. I was impressed with how fast this heated up, it was a lot faster than my normal flat iron. Normally when I straighten my hair with a flat-iron I have to separate my hair into sections, brush it with one hand, and then straighten it with the other. With this straightening brush, since I am brushing my hair WHILE straightening it, I cut down half my time! When using this I found it was a lot easier to get to the roots with the brush versus the flat iron. Also, I found it easier to brush from underneath, I noticed that made my hair a little straighter. This brush can go up to 410 degrees for natural texture hair and 450 degrees for thick or wavy hair.

Product Description:

Please keep hair dry and neatly groomed before using.

Turn it on and adjust the temperature, you can use when the temperature reach what you want.

10 Rates of adjusting temperature,every rate can change 5 degrees Celsius
1.Choose temperature in 210-230 degrees Celsius for a fine hair
2.Choose temperature in the 190-210 degrees Celsius for general hair
3.Choose temperature in 170-200 degrees Celsius for soft hair.
4.If you set low temperature perm, molding may be a little slowly.
5.Please press on-off key and hold for 3 seconds to turn it on, and press on-off key and hold for 3 seconds to turn it off.
6.According to personal's habit to use this hair straighter and it has no direction.

1.Please keep hair dry and neatly groomed before using.
2.Insert the plug into proper the socket.
3.In the process of using, one hand pulls hair end and comb with straighter.
4.If you want to keeps straight hair last longer, please use hair styling lotion and softener lotion and wash clean before hair straightening.
5.It should not clip too much hair, if you want to clip more hair, you should be slow down the speed in the process of drawing.
6.It will be turned off by an hour automatically, turn it on when you use against.

Maintenance, clean and storage:
This product needs to clean up regularly due to hair care residue.
1.Before clean, make sure the machine shut down, pull out plug and cool down.
2.Stick on detergent cleaning up with a cloth.
3.Pack up when it's dry. 

About the Product

  • Cyber Monday Deals! Home use, recommend to the mop, natural straight hair, not recomment to the perming,curly,thick or wavy hair;For the home safety, the temperature of straightener comb won't have the effect as salon or plywood straight iron
  • Pls press power button for 3 seconds when you use it, hair straightener comb will release a large number of negative ions, combining with air to produce water which nourishes your hair
  • Liquid crystal display, the PTC heater;Constant Heat: Max 450¨H , customized set 410¨H for natural texture hair, effortless and efficient straightening styling
  • A perfect combination of comb and hair straightener. Having a beautiful hair and a health care massage for your head at the same time, you can definitely relieve all fatigue. Will ship the red edge or black edge randomly.
  • Make sure the machine is turned off after using,avoid the touch of children,the brush can't touch other objects because of the high temperature

* Sample Provided for Review

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  1. Say what?? Ive never seen anything like this but its genius!! Id love to try one of these. Also a great gift idea for my busy friend who doesnt always have time to straighten her hair like she would like

  2. Alexandria HardingDecember 5, 2015 at 9:52 AM

    This looks so neat! Thank you for the review! I have major waves in m hair and so I use a straightener almost daily, this may be a great pick for me!

  3. i loved your detailed explanation . I am definitely gonna try doing it on my own :)