Friday, December 4, 2015

Simplee Diaper Pail by Tommee Tippee Review

I have been a HUGE fan of Toppee Tippee since I found out I was pregnant. Just something about the brand that I love. I was super excited when I realized they carry Diaper Pails! What is worse than a stinky poop in your trash???? NOTHING. Perfect reason to get a diaper pail to cover that STINK up!!! This diaper pail really keeps that nasty order trapped in. My house actually smells GOOD since using the Tommee Tippee Diaper Pail! 

What I love about the Tommee Tippee diaper pail is the sleek, stylish, and compact design. WIth having a diaper pail near by, there is no longer a need to walk outside to throw the stinky diapers away! This diaper pail can hold up to 18 diapers at once, which is perfect!! A diaper pail is a MUST ADD on any baby registry! These come in handy so much! I was super impressed and eagerly excited about the Tommee Tippee one. Not only is it designed well, but its durable and well made! 

The diaper pail is extremely simple to use. Just follow these EASY steps: Lift the lid and push diaper through the smart lid and close.  

The liners come in a cartridge and are essentially one long tube with no sealed ends. You pull some out, tie a knot, stuff it into the can and place the cartridge in its place. You use until full, cut the liner and knot it again, forming a closed system.

Another great thing about this pail is that it is not just for diapers! When your child is done with diapers, you can keep this for normal trash as well! How convenient is that?

*Sample provided for review


  1. how neat! this one looks so much better than the one we had. they make a great gift

  2. This would be a great shower gift! I use to use disposable diapers and we had a diaper pail and it never kept the stink in!! Good to know that it keeps it in!!