Monday, December 7, 2015

Bubula Stainless Steel Diaper Pail Reveiw

I was super excited when I found this amazing Diaper Pails! What is worse than a stinky poop in your trash???? NOTHING. Perfect reason to get a diaper pail to cover that STINK up!!! This diaper pail really keeps that nasty order trapped in. My house actually smells GOOD since using this Diaper Pail! 

What I love about the Bubula diaper pail is the sleek, stylish, and compact design. WIth having a diaper pail near by, there is no longer a need to walk outside to throw the stinky diapers away! This diaper pail can hold so many diapers at once, which is perfect!! A diaper pail is a MUST ADD on any baby registry! These come in handy so much! I was super impressed and eagerly excited about this one. Not only is it designed well, but its durable and well made! 
The diaper pail is extremely simple to use. I LOVE the fact that you do not have to continuously buy liners for this diaper pail! It actually uses NORMAL trash bags!! How convenient is that??? 

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*Sample provided for review

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