Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WolVol Unique Train Tracks Set Review

My toddler son loves anything with wheels, so a train set for him is PERFECT. He just recently learned the choo choo sound, so he is going crazy over the train set! He adored this set! As soon as I opened it up his eyes lit up! He was too excited to put this together. Since he is young, he watched as I put this track together for him! After we put in 3 AA batteries and 1 AAA Battery that is not included into the items, we  were ready to watch it go!  The lights and sounds from the helicopter, train, and house were great for my son. They kept him entertained. I loved that the projector house shows beautiful colored stars in a pitch dark room, I thought that was so original and unique! My son loved watching the helicopter fly around, not many train sets have a real life like helicopter. I was so excited with how well made this train set is. Super durable, baby proof for sure!! This kept my son entertained for hours, he honestly LOVED it!

This would be a great present for birthdays, holidays, etc! Its great for girls or boys! The parents would love that this toy would keep there child entertained as well as there child would love the toy! I received this at a discounted price for my honest opinion.

Product Description

This WolVol Fun Train Set has so much activity, from simple tracks till a turning helicopter and projection star show. Easy assembly and interesting details. It includes big and small stickers to sticker onto the objects. The projector is installed on the top of the tunnel house, it will change colors showing red-blue-green moon and stars. You can also press the music button which will turn it into an active musical train set, with train sounds and nice music. There is an option to turn the music OFF so you can simply enjoy watching all the other activities, such as the flying lightning helicopter and the projection show and the running train. The helicopter is installed with attractive lights that blinks fast and slow. The package includes batteries for the helicopter. A great fun activity train set for children who deserve it.

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