Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WolVol Gas Station Review

My son thought this was super neat! We love that we can pack it up and bring it wherever he may want too! So compact and amazing that everything fits in the storage bin. This was well thought out, the design is just spectacular. This neat little gas station is loaded with fun activities for my son! As the cars go thru the road it says GO and makes driving sounds! I love that this toy teaches my son Red light means STOP. When the light turns red, you stop the car! That is a great learning mechanism. The traffic light changes with the press of the gas tank. The actual road pieces are very easy to put together and only takes a few seconds. As easy as this is to put together, you can take down and store in the storage bin. This comes with two cars, and also stickers that you can add if you please. I was super impressed with this nifty idea of a toy!

 This would be a great present for birthdays, holidays, etc! Its great for girls or boys! The parents would love that this toy would keep there child entertained as well as there child would love the toy! I received this at a discounted price for my honest opinion.

  • Gas station with fully loaded features and activities
  • When the cars go through the road, it will say GO and make driving sounds
  • The traffic light will change colors, so by RED light you need to stop
  • You can press down the gas tank and the traffic light will change
  • Compact for storage and travel, cute design and durable quality

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