Thursday, November 12, 2015

US Art Supply FLIP-OVER Children's Paint & Drawing Artist Easel Review

Wow, I am super happy with this art easel!! My toddler is still a little small so we packed it up for later use after we tested it out! We love the fact that it is a Dry erase board an a chalk board! This art easel was very well made and durable. I was shocked! I was not expecting this easel to be so incredibly nice. I love how this does not feel or look cheaply made at all. My dad is a contractor and he was highly impressed with the stunning quality. The board flips by simply pulling out the black knobs from both sides and then replacing them to keep the board in place.
When putting this together, it only took us about 15 - 20 min! The instructions were very easy to follow. 

3 large cloth supply storage bags
5 paint bottle containers
1 paper roll 
1 paper roll dispenser
1 box of chalk
1 chalk board eraser
2 clips

*Sample Provided For Review

You can Buy yours Here:

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