Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Swaddle Blanket & Adjustable Infant Wrap by Ziggy Review

When my son was a baby we always had the hardest time calming him or trying to get him to sleep. With my niece that has no longer been a problem with swaddle blankets. Swaddle Blankets safely swaddle your child to get them calm and sleep easily. When swaddling a baby it gives them a cozy, womb-like feeling which help prevents reflex that will wake your child up. With the adjustable soft fabric wings, you can get this swaddle blanket fitting different size babies. I love how light weight, soft, and very breathable these swaddle blankets are. Which is great for new born babies! These swaddle blankets work on babies 7-14 pounds, which is a great size range compared to most other swaddle blankets. I love that these swaddles blankets are gender neutral so I can use them on my next child weather I have a boy or girl! These are so prettily designed , I was super excited and impressed. Upon using this for my niece, she slept way longer than she normally would, My brother was so impressed. 

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*sample provided for review

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