Thursday, November 12, 2015

Shiatsu Foot Massager by Best Choice Products Reveiw

When you work on your feet ALL day everyday, you need something to make them feel better. My fiance got tired of me having to ask him to massage them! He was so thankful and impressed when I got this bad boy in!!! This really helped my feet feel amazing with the pulsing, kneading, and rolling type massages. I need well want, my whole foot massaged so I tend to use the four automatic programs! My fiance likes to pen point his pain so he uses the 3 custom modes to help massage a specific area! After working all day, this massager really helps relive tension and pain! Also, I have found this to really help reduce stress, which I have a major problem with stress!! My fiance took our child to the back after he set me up in the living room. He had the couch cleaned off, a warm blanket, and the massager positioned perfectly. He handed me the remote so that I can switch modes without even moving!! I was so impressed and thankful! After my little relax time, I felt AMAZING! 
 My fiance went on and on about how cool and well designed this was. It was honestly very sleek and classy! It blended well with our living room so if we leave it out, it does not look to out of place! 

This is a GREAT present for so many people! I was debating on what to get my mom for Christmas, but after trying this out I am DEFF getting her one! She would LOVE this so much! This is great for anyone who is constantly on there feet, or even for people who just need a break to relax! 
I was HIGHLY impressed with this foot massager and I easily fell  in love with it! his was very durable and made with a stunning quality. I love this, as does the rest of my family. If possible, I would give this toy a 10 star review. BestChoiceProducts never seizes to amaze me. They have always had spectacular customer service, great communication, and have never been anything but kind to me!
*Sample Provided for Review
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