Monday, November 16, 2015

Musical Action Ride on Horse with Golden Armor by UFREE Review

We were super excited to get in this UFREE Action Ride on Toy Horse! This Horse has to be one of the funnest toy's I have ever seen! It is simply amazing that this can move without any sort of power!  Unlike a rocking horse, this horse rolls as you bounce up and down! It rolls since they have wheels under all four hoofs. You bounce up and down makes the horse go forward like a real horse galloping. 

I am super impressed with the stunning quality, durability, and high quality material. The outside is very soft while the inside is steel. This makes it sturdy yet comfortable. Putting this horse together was very easy since it only required you do to one thing. Simply put the head on. The tools you need are included, making it even easier to put together. Since this horse does not require batteries, as soon as you put together your child will be good to go!! 

This horse is aged for children 3 to 4, However my 1.5 year old loved it just as much! Although it is hard for him to bounce, he loves riding while Mommy or Daddy push him!! 

My son loved the Christmas music that is played when turning the yellow knob on the neck. He also laughed at the horse like sounds when you press the button on the ear! 

Over all, I would recommend this to any child and any gender. This is great for toddlers or even older children. This was very durable and made with a stunning quality. I love this, as does the rest of my family. If possible, I would give this toy a 10 star review.

*Sample Provided for Review

Product Description:

UFREE-HORSE (Action Pony) is a ride on horse toy can walk without power.

You probably loved to or wished you could ride horses and ponies when you were a kid. It's just something most kids love to do. Anyone can ride UFREE-HORSE, even you are not kid anymore. 

UFREE-HORSE has very similar appearance with the real horse. It uses high quality plush material and leather to make the appearance, covering the sturdy steel frame and complicated drive system. It is the syntheses of stuffed/plush toy, rocking horse toy and moving ride-on toy. The biggest characteristic is that it does not need any battery or petrol power to make it run.

The action pony will run when rider's body bounce up and down pressing the saddle continually, just like the action of riding real horse.
The horse could not only run in straight line, but also swerve even in the narrow room. UFREE-HORSE can be put in various places as your house, garden, squares, parks, footpath and amusement ground and any flat ground.

  • plush,brown
  • UFREE rocking horse video on official site
  • Removable armor, so you can have a horse with armor and horse without armor at one purchase!
  • Walking horse even play Christmas MUSIC! On that yellow knob on it neck. Also, horse like sound when you nib its ear!!
  • Hidding the raised seat, better appearance. Golden Armor!! Popular gift among Boys and girls.
  • 35" height, 19" saddle height, for age 3-5 years old, maximum load 132lbs

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  1. I've never seen a UFREE-HORSE like this. Awesome. Good to know that it's difficult for a 1.5 year old to bounce on. I was curious about how much force was needed. Great UFREE-HORSE review!