Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Deluxe Electric Chocolate Fondue Pots Review

 I was so super impressed with this deluxe electric chocolate fondue pots!!!! These pots easily melt 2 cups of chocolate without water. This chocolate is melted perfectly for easy pouring, dipping, and drizzling! I do wish the pot was a little bigger, but it is still a great size for what we are needing. I was shocked to see how many tools and molds this set came with. My fiance had a BLAST with this. He immediately made a Peanut Butter Cup with the HUGE heart mold! What I really love about this set compared to double boiling is that nothing is popping at my son. My son is young, but LOVES to be in on the fun. So he is constantly wanting to help. With this set he can do just that! We were all very pleased with this set, and it has became one of our favorites.


12 recipes
9 unique molding trays
6 chocolate molds
fondue forks
and more

*Sample provided for review.

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  1. I used have one sith just 1 pot but I love that this one has two! I want one!!