Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Avamys nasal spray

Allergic rhinitis, together with bronchial asthma and atopic dermatitis, make for atopic triad, group of atopic diseases that are constantly on the rise in last few decades. According to data received from You! Drugstore, about 600 million people in the world are suffering from allergic rhinitis. On the other hand, there are about 150 million people with asthma.

                Asthma and rhinitis are very common and intertwined diseases. The main similarity between them is that they are both inflammations caused by allergens. Doctors believe that rhinitis is a risk factor for development of asthma. Some studies suggest that 40 % of people, who have allergic rhinitis, develop asthma sooner than later. Around 25 % of people develop both diseases almost simultaneously. At first, these two were regarded as two separate conditions. However, today, we often describe them as one illness, that is, chronic inflammatory process that envelops upper and lower airwaves. Have in mind that these two parts of respiratory system are interconnected.

                Bronchial hyperactivity is a first step in speeding inflammatory process from nose to lower airwaves. Patients who are suffering from symptoms of rhinitis and who have bronchial hyperactivity at the same time are prone to development of asthma. This concept suggests that it is necessary to look at both diseases as one and to treat them simultaneously. It is necessary to find an optimal treatment for patients with these diseases in order to prevent creation of asthma. There are three main strategies that can cure this medical issue: by avoiding exposure to allergens that are responsible for rhinitis and asthma, pharmacological therapy and immunotherapy.

                In order to avoid this illness, patient needs to discover what causes allergic reaction in the first place. When it comes to allergic rhinitis, plant pollens are the main reason for patient’s suffering. Alternative name for allergic rhinitis is hay fever. This name is logical because most of the patients exhibit symptoms during haying season. Although it is very hard to avoid the plants, modern technology allows us to stay confined to our home. Today, it is possible to finish different types of work from home. Also, this is a great period to take a vacation and relocate to an area with completely different climate.

                Luckily, with the development of pharmacology, there are various ways we can reduce or eliminate symptoms of allergic rhinitis. By using Avamys nasal spray, patient is able to reduce redness and swelling. This drug is a corticosteroid. These particular products are a great way of eliminating various inflammations. Avamys comes in a form of nasal spray and first dose is taken right before haying season. Patient needs to continue using drug as long as the plants are blooming. This means that you will probably use it during whole spring and summer.

                People who are suffering from tuberculosis, kidney disease, nasal infection or those who had recent nasal surgery, shouldn’t buy Avamys nasal spray online. Like any other drug, there are certain side-effects that patient can expect. Most common are nosebleed, ulceration in the nose and headache. Sometimes, allergic reactions, pain and dryness may appear. 

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