Thursday, November 12, 2015

20" Foam Bullet Blaster Toy Gun by Best Choice Products Review

This dart gun is awesome! My nephew just LOVED this! It was the perfect size for him, he is six. My nephew is a dart gun loving fool! He loves that this can fire up to 45 feet!! He was so excited to have the coolest gun ever as he would say!! Although this dart gun includes 20 soft darts, the gun can hold 10 at a time. My nephew is big into hunting, so he was pretty stoked when he noticed that this gun has an indicator laser that can help him focus on his target! Once you insert the 3 AA batteries that are not included, my nephew was ready to GOOO! He loved that there is no wait for this dart gun, like most others. He could just pull the trigger and watch the dart fly right on out!! 
FYI This gun is Nerf Dart Compatible!

I was impressed with how durable and well made this dart gun is. You can easily tell it is not made cheaply! 

20 Suction Darts

Over all, I would recommend this to any child and any gender. This is great for toddlers or even older children. This was very durable and made with a stunning quality. I love this, as does the rest of my family. If possible, I would give this toy a 10 star review. BestChoiceProducts never seizes to amaze me. They have always had spectacular customer service, great communication, and have never been anything but kind to me!

*Sample provided for review

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  1. Very cool. My son would absolutely love this. Nice review!

  2. Very cool. My son would absolutely love this. Nice review!