Thursday, October 29, 2015

Vista Selects by VistaVapors

VistaVapors, Inc.

When my fiance decided he wanted to quit smoking, he took up vaping. It has helped him completely quit smoking. Which I was SO thankful for! I never knew anything about Vaping until he started. There are two type of vape juices out there, Cheap and Not Cheap. For all the vapor peeps out there you know the cheap vape juices mess up your coils, big time. The Vista Selects (listed below are the ones I tried) have not hurt my coils. Since using Vista Selects, My coils have lasted me longer than when I have used any other vape juice. 

My fiance is completely impatient, so he put these juices to the test as soon as he got them! He was in shock. After tasting, he immediately wished these came in a bigger size. He said, these are flat out the best Vape Juices he has ever used. Usually I cough a little when trying his vape, since I do not vape, However with this I did not. It went so smoothly, I was amazed. The 3 Vista Select Bottles we tried, have all been very tasty! We honestly both love all three and cannot wait to try more! My fiance and I have been so incredibly impressed by VistaVapors Vista Selects. The flavor was pure amazing he said! He made me try it, and I could not believe how real this tasted. I didn't think vapor could taste so real. 


Come explore the Atlantic with Columbus and the gang! This sweet wave of caramel deliciousness is a new discovery we never thought was out there. Now you have the chance to explore with us and indulge in this great new treat!
Bottle Size: 30ML 


This smooth, subtle fruity blend gives you a fruity candy burst with a mild sour candy finish. Playful yet classy this flavor will leave you wanting more.
Bottle Size: 30ML


Are you ready to sail across the ocean? This exciting treat is a delicious tangy mixture of all the tropical fruits that you would enjoy on a vacation. Hopefully the weather is not too cloudy…Jump on the ship and enjoy the journey!
Bottle Size: 30ML

*Sample Provided for Review

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  1. Depending on the blend (50/50,80/20) also
    Plays a big part on how smooth the hit is. 80/20 won't feel as harsh to the back of the throat. Great he quit smoking :) enjoy and VAPE on !!
    Amy Moyer

  2. Great read thanks for sharing! Personally I love Baked Vanilla Custard with Cream flavor and Premium Dragons Blood E-Juice to go with my bourbon or scotch. Try checking out E-Cig stores online like to get a variety of flavors and cool types of vapes to choose from!