Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Set of 7 free wheel Cartoon Trucks Review

Set of 7 free wheel Cartoon trucks (12 M+)

My little son is obsessed with trucks, cars, and wheels! I could not of gotten a better set for him! Each Car is about 3'' long, 2''Wide & 2'' High, which is perfect for a toddlers hands! I love how child friendly these are, very realistic, yet still entertaining for children. If there is one thing my son loves the most it is WHEELS! Crazy I know. Such a boy! He loved getting to roll these around and make car noises. I thought these were the neatest thing. My son loves the colors and all the different This kept him entertained for hours, he honestly loved it! These are made very durable, We all feel in love with them!

Set Includes:
Fire truck
Cement truck
Tow Truck
Dump Truck
2 Police cars

  • Each Car is about 3'' long, 2''Wide & 2'' High.
  • Cartoon face cars & very child friendly.
  • Made of top quality. & safety tested for lead free.
  • Makes a perfect gift.

*sample provided for review.

Get yours HERE: http://amzn.to/1LBjakU

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