Monday, October 12, 2015



OHMYGOD. This was by far the biggest HIT at our house. Not only for the kids either, this seriously was great for all ages, as you can see in the attached video! With so many different type of power boards out there it is hard to decide which one to get. With me getting this one, I was not only highly please, but also super impressed. I originally was going to give this to my little brothers, however after seeing how much fun this is I actually am keeping it for myself. Just goes to show you, that this is honestly perfect for all ages. In the video, you will see people ranging from ages 10 to 68 years old, and every one is having just as much fun as the other! Every time I go to my mom and dads house, my brothers ask me to bring this for them to play with. They think it is the funnest thing out there right now! Out of all of there riding toys, and they have every one you can think of, this is by far there favorite.

The board it self is made very well. I was actually shocked to see how heavy this was, I have to use two hands to carry it. It is a lot heavier than it looks, every one here agrees. Being such a heavy board, goes to show you that this is very well made and highly durable. I was a little bummed that the paint easily scratches, but that is our fault from ruff but fun playing, not the designers.

Upon getting on this powerboard for my first time, i fell. But after learning the techniques and feeling what is comfortable to me, I was riding full speed in no time! Once you get use to how to ride it, it is actually a lot easier to ride than I originally expected. Do not think you can just hop on and go if you have never rode this before, you have to learn to ride it. But the same goes for a bike.

After getting use to this and how to ride it, you can't get me off. this is seriously so fun! I wish they had invented these when I was in Jr. High or even High School. When I was that age, thy did not have anything near as fun as this!

I hear a lot of comments like this is going to make kids lazy, etc. But in all honestly, if you have actually rode one of these, you would NOT think that. This actually gives you a little work out. Every time when I get off, my calves actually hurt.

If you are buying this for your child, you may want to buy two, honestly. You are going to want it just as bad as your child did after they get it.

After I have gotten this, I have had many people ask me "Is it worth all that money?" Every time my answer has been YES. Seriously, in all honestly this is FUN. It will entertain the whole family for hours. If we are having a little get together, we take this out. It is always a huge hit.

Now, lets talk about the battery life. Any time we have charged this, we only leave in on charge for about an hour. Sometimes it may be longer, but not often. When only charging for a hour, we have gotten such a long battery life from it. We have not rode this constantly for 6 hours like it says the battery life last for. But, after charging for a hour, we have rode this on and off with it actually lasting 2 days. I was super impressed with the battery life. It was not
at all what I was expecting.

Over all, I would recommend this to literally, ANYONE. any age or gender. This was very durable and made with a stunning quality. I love this, as does the rest of my family. If possible, I would give this board a star review.

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*sample provided for review, however all opinions are my own.


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  1. Oh my goodness I need one of these my sister has been asking for one hahha. How did you review this? Can you send me the mailing info or email address please (: