Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pidoko Kids Skylar Dollhouse with furniture

LOVE LOVE LOVE this doll house! This was perfect for my four year old niece. This doll house was surprisingly easy to put together. It took us under one hour! I was shocked at how simple and easy this was to put together, I actually did it myself. With it being made of wood, it only took a few screws and we had it set up and ready! 

My niece loves that this came with 3 play doll figures, along with 15 pieces of furniture to furnish the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and, the bedroom! This doll house also includes Six Rooms and two movable stairs! I was surprised it came with so many lovely pieces. This open sided wooden dollhouse measures 23.8 x 10.2 x 19.3 inches! 

All the furniture and dolls!
With this being made of wood, it is very sturdy and highly durable! I was honestly super impressed with how well made this is. My dad is a contractor, he even said how durable and well made with a great quality of wood this was. He stated this is a great buy for that price! You couldn't build this your self for cheaper! The fresh bright colors gets your child's attention easily. 

"I love my doll house"
My niece has played with this for hours at a time, this was a great toy for her! With the holidays coming up, this is sure to be a big hit! This is a great buy for girls or even boys ranging from 2-9! Maybe even older! The way this doll house is deigned, more than one child can play with this at a time, which is great being I am teaching my niece to "share"! 

Setting up the furniture!

*Sample provided for review, However all opinions are my own! 

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