Thursday, October 29, 2015

My First Play Dishes by Crystal Deals

As a little girl I had a set almost identical to this one, so I was eager to play with this with my son. I was excited to bring back some old memories by making new memories! I normally hate toys like this, with many pieces. But in this toy's case, I loved it. Play with this, my son thought it was super funny when mommy and daddy drank out of the cups! I was honestly so impressed by this set. It was way better than the one I had when I was a little girl. I actually planned on giving this to my niece, but upon getting this in, my son played with it. I did not think my son would play with this, however he did and FOR HOURS at that! I was truly shocked. The dishes are really cute and colorful! I honestly love the smaller size of these dishes since it is easy for little ones to handle. 

This set is great for boys or girls, and many different age groups. This can be fun for many people! This would be a perfect addition to a toddler or child's kitchen!

This set includes:
1 Strainer
1 Pitcher and Cap
8 Plates
4 Cups
4 Mugs
3 Knifes
3 Spoons
3 Forks

  • 11" L by 8.5 W Dish drainer with 28 play dishes.
  • Color of dishes may vary.
  • Made of top quality & safety tested for lead free.

* Sample provided for review

You can buy this My First Play Dishes Here:

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