Thursday, October 29, 2015

Juniors Printed Fleece-lined Hooded Sweatshirt by dealzonenj

Juniors Printed Fleece-lined Hooded Sweatshirt

I really fell in love with this beautiful coat! Since after I have had the baby and I do not fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes, I was really in need of clothes to wear to work, especially with the cold months coming up. This coat was perfect to wear to work with it being dressy, but then you can make it not too dressy as well. I do not know if words can describe how BEAUTIFUL this coat is! I honestly fell in love! This coat is very well made, with NO loose threads and high quality material. I was ecstatic and very impressed with how amazing this coat turned out to be. This coat fit me seriously PERFECTLY. The length is exactly what I needed, the size was just the right amount of snug. The material was so light weight! When I received this coat it was smooth and straight. I immediately fell in love with this coat and its stunning quality! This coat is so beautiful, I received multiple compliments while wearing as well as questions on where to buy!!

This coat is great for many occasions. It is dressy to wear any fancy occasion, or just to wear to something that you need to dress up but is not as fancy. This is a perfect choice for any special occasion in my eyes. With the coat looking modern, elegant, and luxurious it is great to add to your collection of attire for important events! I felt amazing and beautiful in this coat as I know you would too! This is great to dress up or down!

I have hand washed this and let hang dry. After doing so there was no fading, and no loose threads. The coat looked brand new after washing this way. I was very impressed.

I was shocked to see that this was a PERFECT top fit for my body. Also, this coat was very true to picture, The color was exactly what I was expecting.
Over all, I was highly impressed with this shirt. I recommend to any one and every one.

*I received a sample for reviewing purposes, However all opinions are my own.

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