Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy City Musical Dance Electronic Playmat by Best Choice Products

Happy City Musical Dance Electronic Playmat
Offered by BestChoiceproducts
Price: $29.95

I was super impressed with this play mat. My toddler LOVED this, honestly. This play mat is a perfect size for smaller areas, this play mat measures. 37" wide and 28" long. Big enough for your child to jump and play, however not to big to not be able to fit in your room! My son LOVES music, noise, anything LOUD!! He was so happy that this play mat has nine realistic sounds of transportation vehicles, such as: airplane, helicopter, train, boat, bus, and more!! On the train, they have an eight key piano that makes noise too! The loud sounds and the bright colors makes my toddler so interested. And this keeps him entertained for hours! We both love that!
 The smooth soft fabric is made where it is super easy to clean. No messes will stay on this mat as it can wipe right off easily! My son spilt his juice all over the mat, I was so upset thinking the mat would be ruined. However, it was not! We wiped it right on up, and to my surprise it was not even left sticky!!!

This would be a great present for birthdays, holidays, etc! Its great for girls or boys! The parents would love that this toy would keep there child entertained as well as there child would love the toy!
Over all, I would recommend this to any child and any gender. This is great for toddles or even older children. This was very durable and made with a stunning quality. I love this, as does the rest of my family. If possible, I would give this toy a 10 star review. BestChoiceProducts never seizes to amaze me. They have always had spectacular customer service, great communication, and have never been anything but kind to me!

  • The play mat extends 37"wide and 28" long allowing plenty of room for your child to jump
  • Imitates 9 realistic sounds of transportation vehicles
  • Features 8 keys along the train cars, providing a mini keyboard that a child will enjoy
  • Smooth soft fabric that is easy to clean up in case anything spills
  • Decorated in fun vibrant colors making the play mat more appealing; does require 3AA batteries

*Require 3AA batteries which are not included.

*Sample provided for review, however all opinions are my own.

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