Monday, October 12, 2015

Garlic & Ginger Press by: NSP Online Products Inc.- Review

Garlic & Ginger Press by: NSP Online Products Inc.

My Review:
This gadget is completely awesome, and very handy! I used this the day i got it because i was so eager. It worked just as great as i expected it too. I will continue to use this gadget as much as i can. I pressed my garlic so nicely, it came out perfectly. My garlic has never been so minced in my life! I was shocked to see this gadget have such durability. With this being so well made, it is sure to last you a long time. I was highly impressed with this garlic and even ginger press. Mincing has never been so easy! 

  • LARGE HOPPER - Great for holding large cloves of garlic or 2 smaller ones
  • STURDY - Durable and Heavy Duty Grip Design
  • STRONG - No Need to Peel Garlic; Powerful Mincer, Chopper, Grater and Clove Crusher
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Dishwasher Safe
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION - No water trapped in the Handle, No rusting or Peeling

Get your very own Garlic Press Here:

*Sample provided for review

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