Thursday, October 29, 2015

Duracell DuraLock Coppertop Alkaline Batteries AA & AAA - Plus Free Gift by dealzonenj

Duracell DuraLock Coppertop Alkaline Batteries AA & AAA - Plus Free Gift 

I was super impressed with these batteries! Look how much you get for that great price! I actually tried every single battery that comes in this pack, Just to make sure they work!! I was so shocked to find out that every single one worked. I will be buying this pack again when I run out. This is such a great deal. These batteries have lasted very long, unlike many other batteries I have gotten for this same exact price! That just goes to show you what a great quality this is! This set comes with a Free Gift = 1 Pack of 6 ProShield Mosquito Repellent Stickers (color Selected at Random), I got red! A nice little bonus! When shopping for batteries I always choose Duracell, you can never go wrong with Duracell batteries! In this great value size pack, you will get 20 AA and 20 AAA! They last so long, I was very impressed as well as happy with these! My controller or baby toys worked so great since using these batteries and they actually lasted LONG. I was not having to change them out every other day!!

*sample provided for review

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