Friday, October 30, 2015

Diaper Cream Applicator Tool by BabyBUMBrush

Baby Bum Brush Diaper Cream Applicator Tool
Offered by Baby Bum Brush
Price: $7.99
Being a new mom, I wanted to try all the neat things! SO when I seen a gadget that can put butt paste on my child's bottom without me having to get it all over my hands! If I had to give my TOP FIVE items to buy as a new mom, I am telling you this would be one. 

I was spending more time trying to get this diaper cream off my hands, than it took me to change my sons poopy diaper! I mean that is crazy! The Baby BUM Brush allows you to quickly and efficiently apply protective cream exactly where my son needs it. Not only is the Baby BUM Brush helping keep cream off your hands, it helps keep germs off your child. How many times have you forgotten to wash your hands before you changed your childs diaper when they needed cream? This also helps protect them! 

I actually love the suction bottom, keeping it put when I am not needing it. Also helping from having my son run off with it! The Baby BUM Brush comes in five neon colors and sales for $6.00 - $7.99 online. You can buy on or

  • --- BPA free diaper cream applicator tool is 100% soft silicone is gentle on baby's skin
  • Diaper cream goes on smoother, thicker, and faster
  • Suction cup base allows you to suction to almost any surface while you finish the diaper change
  • Easily cleans with just 1 wipe

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*Sample Provided for Review

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  1. This is a handy little tool, sure wish I had something like this for Catherine when she was very little-- great review thanks!