Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bounceland Inflatable All Sports Bounce House Bouncer - Review

My Review:

One word to sum this bounce house up would be PERFECT.
This bounce house is simply amazing!! As you can see in my video this is great for smaller and bigger kids!! The big kids had just as much fun as the younger ones did!! The quality of this bounce house is stunning, simply durable! Very well made. I was highly impressed. The way this house is designed is great. They have two exits/entries for the children, which one is a slide. I love that the top is open in case the bounce house starts to deflate it will not suffocate the children. I also love that this Bounce House has high walls, another great safety feature. When Bounce Land was designing this Bounce House you can defiantly see that Safety was in there minds!
I could not believe how easy and FAST this was to set up. Seriously felt like it took less than a minute! That is perfect for parties when the children are so anxious to get on and bounce! Taking down is not as fast as setting up, however it is still fast compared to other bounce houses. The kids loved rolling around to help deflate the bounce house faster!
I loved that this bounce house came with a bag for storage. Knowing I have a bag to keep this bounce house in, insures me that it will be well taken care of and last long. After blowing this up, I did not believe I would be able to get this back in the bag perfectly and zipped! To my surprise, it fit perfect after deflating!
We set this up for my son’s birthday and It kept kids of all ages entertained for hours. With this bounce house including: Volley ball, Basketball, pitching and more it kept them entertained with multiple things to do and have fun with!
Using this Bounce House at my son’s party was such a huge hit that my friend asked me to use it for hers! The parents loved getting a little socializing time since the kids were safely entertained!
My son’s birthday party was on a Sunday and this was shipped out on a Tuesday. I was so scared it would not arrive in time, but it was there TWO days before. I was super impressed with the fast shipping and the amazing customer service. Every time I had a question or a comment they replied nicely in a very timely manner.
I have two little brothers that are aged at 11 and 13, I was iffy about letting them get on the bounce house since they are bigger and weigh a little more. However, they got on the bounce house and had just as much fun! I was sure this bounce house would not last between the weight and the roughness! I could not be more SHOCKED that this bounce house latterly still looks brand new!! My Fiancé, as well as my parents were impressed with how durable and how well this held up! My dad continued to say that I would have this bounce house for years with how durable it was made.
Over all, I could not have been more impressed with this Sports Bounce House. Bounce Land sure deserves a 10 star!!

*Sample provided for review.

*Please see video for use of bounce house!

  • Huge inflated size (14 ft L x 8 ft W x 8.2 ft H).
  • Powered by a strong UL blower (included).
  • Heavy-duty puncture proof materials with double to quadruple stitches.
  • Strong stakes that are 9" long and spiked, to secure the bounce house to the ground.
  • Easy set up and take down. Inflates in less than a minute.


  1. I would love to get a bounce house for my little ones, I will definitely be checking out Bounceland thank you!

  2. I would love to get a bounce house for my little ones, I will definitely be checking out Bounceland thank you!