Wednesday, May 6, 2015

REVIEW- Tackedoo Adults & Teens Scooter with Dual Suspension

My Review:

WOW, is all I can say. This scooter is absolutely AMAZING!!!! Being an adult, you don't think I would ride a scooter, but this scooter changes that!! My fiance immediately stole this and started riding it in the house!! He said you can't have this, I want it. We were both amazed at how well put together this scooter was. The wheel were so big, which is good for adults, since they weigh more than kids. The dual suspension was awesome, my fiance kept going on and on about how good the shocks where. The platform is great for adults with bigger feet, but also smaller size feet. They both fit really well, The breaks are easy and not hard to stop with at all, highly impressed. You could literately bounce if you wanted too! This was very easy to set up, and also really easy to make the T-Bar higher for whichever height you are needing too since it is adjustable. This scooter is very easy to fold up into a great size to store easily or carry in your car. This scooter is pretty lightweight compared to other scooters making it easy to carry. My fiance could not get over how comfortable this scooter was to ride, along with going over bumps easily and smoothly. Me and my fiance both love the AAA quality, how sturdy, durable, and well made this scooter is. Over all, we love it and recommend it to anyone and everyone. I received this at a discounted price for my honest opinion. 

  • Lightweight 11 lbs (5 kg), solid aluminium frame and deck.
  • Dual suspension - front and rear.
  • 8 inch (200mm) wheels make your ride more comfortable and ideal for larger glides. The large wheels are much better for a smoother and safer ride, plus they limit the risk of going over the bar
  • Easy to fold, carry and transport.
  • Adjustable height T-bar from 57 in to 77 in, For Heights: From 4'9

Technical Details

Color: Grey Matte
Item Display Weight: 12 Pounds
Package Height: 5.7 X 12.2 X 33.8 Inches
Shipping Weight: 13.2

You can get this amazing scooter here

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  1. That looks so fun! It looks like fun for all ages.