Monday, May 18, 2015

Multi Binder reusable plant tie Review.

Very durable and light weight. Easy to use.

Product Description
Spring is upon us and we are offering our versatile reusable plant ties. Also work great for holding and organizing power/computer/phone cords,  basically anything with a cord.

Revolutionary new reusable rubber plant tie.
Rubber belt that secures any plant or tree sapling to a stake or post. 
Fully adjustable and reusable.
We have several sizes of this product, this is our smallest and measures 1/3" wide x 7" long.
This is a package of 5 pieces.
Easy to use:
1) Secure tie to stake or post (see diagram)
2) wrap tie around plant or tree stalk
That's it! Your're set. 
Withstand temperatures from -20 zero to 150 above.
The tie is made with a rubber compound that will flex with tree growth.

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