Monday, May 18, 2015

Kids Reusable Sandwich Bags Giveaway 3 WINNERS

  • REUSABLE sandwich bags. Saves you money as our bags last for at least 18months or more. Bags are great for a sandwich but also for biscuits, fruit, popcorn or any other lunchbox goodie you would wrap.
  • NO NASTIES our bags are Lead, Phthalates and BPA free. They are also all handmade so they are truly ethical and sustainable.
  • EASY CARE just wash or wipe clean. The internal layer is waterproof and food will not stick or stain.
  • FREE EBOOK we love writing about food for kids. In fact we love designing recipes that use all sorts of healthy food. Not only do we design healthy recipes we also make fantastic green products around the kitchen. Our reusable sandwich bags are great for a waste free lunchbox. We want you to create healthy waste free lunch boxes so this product comes with a free ebook on lunchbox ideas.
  • ECO FRIENDLY makes a great eco friendly gift. Go green and say no to plastic!

  • FEATURES OF THE REUSABLE SANDWICH BAGS Just wash it when it is dirty or wipe clean with a cloth. Reusable sandwich bags, Eco friendly bags. Lead, Phthalates and BPA free. 100% cotton and waterproof material on the inside. Size - 19 x 15cm NZ made with love on the South Coast of Wellington New Zealand by one of our Munch mums


  1. i have brother who is on dylialis and would use them and then the

  2. The Eco Parenting Life online store does not appear to be open for visitors yet. It is asking me for a password.

  3. I have never tried SquishDelish before, but I think my sister uses them with her daughter. My children are a bit too old for it.

  4. These look great for reusing! Thanks for the giveaway