Monday, May 18, 2015

Baby Diaper Changing Pad Review

If you have a baby, I think the one thing that is a must is a portable diaper changing pad!!! With always being on the go, This is a must. I don't want to put my baby on that NASTY changing table not knowing what has been on it!! I have no worries with having this though, I just put this right on top! A Portable Changing Pad PROTECTS your baby from yucky surfaces when you travel and BEST "WINGS" DESIGN keeps baby's busy hands away from germs and dirt; the sanitary way to change your baby when you are out and about!!! This pad is very easy to clean, and also light weight and waterproof!! This is a great quality, and very durable. Last longing! It is the perfect size, Its not to big where I don't want to carry it, but its big enough for my child to lay on! I love that it has inside pockets to hold diapers, wipes, and other baby essentials. The cushion head rest gives my baby comfort when laying down while changing his diaper. PLUS outside pockets for your wallet, keys, phone, etc! I received this at a discounted price for my honest opinion.

  • A CUSHIONED HEADREST that allows your baby to be changed in comfort, as well as keeping your precious little one safe
  • WATERPROOF surface that you can clean easily allowing you to always keep your baby and diaper changing mat hygienic
  • A COMPACT portable baby changing kit that can fit in your bag, ruck sack or within your baby's stroller
  • 100% LIFETIME money back guarantee if for any reason you feel this product is not right for you and your baby. No questions asked.
  • The HANDLE STRAP provided allows you to hang the changing mat around a stroller's handle or your wrists

Product Description

Going out with your baby has never been easier. Our innovative baby changing pad allow parents to change their baby in a hygienic and safe way. The diaper changing pad is portable with changing essentials such as diapers, wipes and cream stored in meshed pockets; situated near the baby's head for easy visibility and convenience.
The changing mat is so compact it can be worn around your wrist, stored within your stroller, or use the strap provided to hang round your stroller's handle, or simply store within your bag.
It's perfect for using within small public spaces designated for changing babies as well as being a great non-intrusive surface to change your precious little one on the beach while on vacation. Your baby is provided with a padded cushion to rest their head in comfort.
The changing mat is made from quality polyester with waterproof PVC lining, so can easily be cleaned with wet wipes or a damp soapy cloth. The innovative diaper kit provides a front zipper that allows you to store keys, credit cards or any other personal items, allowing you to combine as a purse.
What makes us different?
- A great gift to present to friends and family at their baby's shower.
- The changing mat is convenient, minimalistic and easily opened and closed with one hand.
- The Most pioneering baby diaper changing kit on the market, provided with 1st class Customer Service.
- This changing mat also comes with a gift pouch ideal for storage.

100% money back, Lifetime Guarantee if for any reason at all you feel this product is not right for you and your baby, no questions asked.
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