Monday, May 18, 2015

15 EZ-RJ45 Cat 5 5e 6 High Quality Connectors Review

These 15 High Quality Connectors by Gold Standard Supplies were fantastic! Being a girl I have no idea how to hook up anything!! Well to my surprise, these were fairly easy to connect. These make Wiring Perfect Ethernet Cables a Breeze! For such a cheap price I was surprised with the high quality and well built product that I received at a discounted price for my honest opinion. I would highly recommend these 15 EZ-RJ45 Cat 5 5e 6 High Quality Connectors to everyone and anyone.

  • ✔ I used to go through several connectors before getting it right. Verify wires before crimping.
  • ✔ These are easy to use and saves time by crimping and trimming in one step.
  • ✔ EZRJ45 SAVES YOU MONEY, no wasted connectors or time
  • ✔ A brilliantly simple concept - Why aren't these the universal standard?
  • ✔ HIGHER QUALITY than other RJ45 CAT 5 or 6 connectors

Product Description

Package Quantity: 15

"The Gold Standard Supplies EZ-RJ45 Shielded connector is simply the best connector we have ever used." It allows for anyone with an "EZ-RJ45" Crimper to quickly make perfect connections every time! Save time and money. No longer will you cut off bad connections because a wire changed position while inserting it into the connector. With our EZ-RJ45 connectors you can verify the correct sequence of the wires BEFORE you crimp them. That means perfect connections, every time!

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