Tuesday, April 28, 2015

REVIEW- Entertainmount (Black) Go-Anywhere Smartphone Car Mount

Have a crying child in the back seat? then this is a must for you! my son loves watching tv, so when i saw this i had to have it. I didn't want one that was built in, so i like this one because i can take it out if i please. When it is on my headrest, it is very secure. I felt it was safe enough and would not fall on my child. This was a great deal. i received this at a discounted price for my honest opinion.

  • INSTANT BACKSEAT MOVIE THEATER! Why invest in a car TV or car DVD player when your kids can watch videos on your phone? Use the mobile phone car mount to position your smartphone between the headrests, and you have an instant car video player!
  • WHERE WILL YOU MOUNT IT? This entertainment stand can go anywhere--on the visor, on the air vent on the sunroof, and it's not just a smartphone car mount. Use it on the shopping cart, inside the golf cart, on the kitchen cabinets, on the treadmill and anyplace else!
  • NEVER MISS A CALL When the phone ringtone sounds, Mom or Dad can reach over from the passenger seat and swivel the car phone holder to answer. No other car phone mount is quite like it!
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR PHONE OR PHABLET Use it as an iPhone car mount for any model, even the iPhone 6 Plus, as a Samsung car phone holder or for any other device up to 7 inches
  • NO FUSS, NO FALLS Mount this smartphone stand anywhere in under 2 minutes! Strong elastic bands keep the phone safely in place against a non-slip mounting plate, so there's no risk of breakage.

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