Thursday, March 26, 2015

REVIEW- Tweedz Blue Earbuds - Durable Headphones with Braided Fabric Wrapped Cords

Do you want some awesome headphones???

I don't think i could of chose better headphones. I have had the Beats by Dre, and in all honestly these work just as great. I actually think I may like these better! I love the ear pieces on these, and i love the fact that it comes with different sizes to change out if needed. I love how it is a braided fabric as the wiring, I find it is not only cooler looking, but more durable and longer lasting as well! Not only that, but they are tangle free which is amazing when it comes to headphones. My fiance just loved this and he took these from me for him to use for himself. He gets compliments from his friends all of the time about these. He was so excited about these. The quality in the sounds was just amazing. i was very pleased with these. It is great that these come with a one year warranty, unlike most other ear buds.  I received these at a discounted price for my honest opinion.

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  1. Wow! Better than Beats?!? I love that! Beats are so expensive so if these are equal or even better for less the cost that would be amazing. I don't use ear bud that often, but my kids use headphones or ear buds all the time. I like that they come with multiple sizes because the kids often complain that the buds are too big to fit in their ears. I love the braided, tangle-free cords as well. Thanks for the review.