Friday, March 13, 2015

Another Freebie Site!

Hello everyone!! Good Afternoon!
Who wants to talk freebies again?!?!

How about I tell you another place to get amazing FREEBIES!

Ever wonder where people get all these freebies at? Well if you read my previous blog about "how to start reviewing" there are some GREAT sites in there. (If you have not, be sure to check it out here.)

However, another great one is the Facebook Page "Best Free Stuff Guide".
On here, they post links to free things and you need to Private Message them your email, If you are one of the first ones you get a link and code to get the product FREE!

Steps to get freebies from "Best Free Stuff Guide"
1. Check out there page & LIKE it.
2. Look for products you want.
3. Message them your Amazon Profile Link (only do this the first time) & your email address.
4. If it is available for you to get you will get a message saying "just sent"
5. Check your email & follow steps from there.

The creator of this Facebook page, does not get paid for posting these. They do it out of the kindness of there heart. So please be respectful.

They post multiple items some days, please look out for them! They are all wonderful products and I love getting to review them!! I always enjoy getting products to review off of there page. They hand out products very fairly unlike some other groups/pages.

Again, Go here to like this page to start getting your freebies!

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